retention Integration Client Data older than x days

A Powershell Script that can be used to purge the BT session-log and session-recording data from the archive-storage when older than x days #

Our Powershell script named «DELFOX» can be scheduled to retention BT Integration Client Data on a daily base from the Archive-Store when they are older than a defined period. Normally a security officer defines the corresponding maximum retention period for session-logs and session-recordings. Therefore files – older than this point in time must also be purged at the right time to comply with the data protection regulations of a company, authorities or by law.

Althoug this script works to purge any kind of folders containing log-files when data is older than x days – we developed it especially to purge the session-log, session-recording and /login backup data from the BT integration client archive. The script not only deletes files older than the predefined time in those folders. It also logs all deleted files.

The source-code for this script can be downloaded from GitHub for free: Link to the Download:

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