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A Powershell Script that can be used to purge the BT session-log and session-recording data from the archive-storage when older than x days

Our Powershell script named «DELFOX» can be scheduled to retention BT Integration Client Data on a daily base from the Archive-Store when they are older than a defined period. Normally a security officer defines the corresponding maximum retention period for session-logs and session-recordings. Therefore files – older than this point in time must also be […]

Maximum File Size that can be copied by RDP Clipboard in a BeyondTrust RS or PRA remote or local RDP Session from Console to Endpoint

What is the maximum File Size that we can copy – using the RDP Clipboard in a BeyondTrust RS or PRA RDP Session? I have tested this under the following conditions: Windows Server 2012 R2 Endpoint BeyondTrust PRA 20.2.1 Access Console connected to this Endpoint by RDP-Remote Jump. The maximum File Size that i could […]

How to prepare and setup KERBEROS / SSO with BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access or Remote Support?

Step1: Read the following BeyondTrust Article. It will prepare you well regarding the prerequisites to configure KERBEROS Security Provider with BeyondTrust. Step 2 – 4 are not described in the manufacturer article. We close here the GAP to give you an easy way creating a secure .keytab file.Step2: Create a new Active Directory User Account […]

How to debug BeyondTrust Remote Support or Privileged Remote Access Components using a blog.ini file

  Many BeyondTrust Components like the Access & Rep-Console or the Jump Client & Customer Client or the Jumppoint installed on the endpoint can create a LOG-File for more in-deep investigations in connection with the use of BeyondTrust Components and dependent systems.If you want enable the creation of a Log-File for BeyondTrust Endpoint Components or […]

Use any Mobile Device to generate 2nd Factor for BOMGAR Console Login

  Windows Mobile, Android and iOS APPS can create 2nd Factor for BeyondTrust login cause it works with any Authenticator App. BOMGAR Privileged Access and Remote Support 17.x or higher allows you to use a second Factor to login into Console without the need for any additional Product like a Radius Server. This, cause Bomgar […]

BOMGAR RADIUS Security Provider support’s now Framed-IP-Address and Calling-Station-ID

  Is it possible to configure BOMGAR RADIUS security Provider for 2-factor authentication for over-the-Internet users and 1-factor for local LAN users? The RADIUS request object includes an attribute (31) from the requester which includes their calling-station-ID which is the IP address – both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.  The IP address is then passed […]

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