maximum supported file size in transfer via rdp clipboard

Maximum File Size that can be copied by RDP Clipboard in a BeyondTrust RS or PRA remote or local RDP Session from Console to Endpoint #

What is the maximum File Size that we can copy – using the RDP Clipboard in a BeyondTrust RS or PRA RDP Session?I have tested this under the following conditions:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Endpoint
  • BeyondTrust PRA 20.2.1 Access Console connected to this Endpoint by RDP-Remote Jump.

The maximum File Size that i could transferred by RDP Clipboard from local PC with the BeyondTrust PRA Console to the Endpoint was: 4’294’967’295 bytes. This is the size in Bytes like  ( 1024^3  x  4 ) – 1 Bytes   or 4’194’304 KB or   3.99 GB.

You can test this by yourself when you create a testfile with Microsoft fsutil commands.

fsutil file createnew test4GB-1.txt 4294967295 -> this File could be transferred from the console to the endpoint.

fsutil file createnew test4GB-0.txt 4294967296 -> it was not possible to transfer this file from the console to the endpoint.


4’294’967’295 is also the maximum File Size by an RDP Restriction:

If the RDP Flag «CB_HUGE_FILE_SUPPORT_ENABLED» is not set, then only files of size less than or equal to 4,294,967,295 bytes are supported.

This is not a BeyondTrust PRA or BeyondTrust RS restriction. The restriction comes from Microsoft Clipboard Capabilities PDU in the current RDP Protocol.


Author: MICRODYN AG – Rolf Hahn / 26.09.2020

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