generate 2nd Factor for BeyondTrust Console

Use any Mobile Device to generate 2nd Factor for BeyondTrust Console Login #

Windows Mobile, Android and iOS APPS can create 2nd Factor for BeyondTrust login cause it works with any Authenticator App. #

BeyondTrust Privileged Access and Remote Support  17.x or higher (formerly BOMGAR) allows you to use a second Factor to login into Console without the need for any additional Product like a Radius Server. This, cause BeyondTrust RS works by default with any authenticator App like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. The Manufacturer «BeyondTrust » himself provides the free «BeyondTrust Verify APP» for Android and iOS which can provide the second factor. But there is not a BeyondTrust Verify APP for Windows Mobile allowing you to do that. This Video explains how you can use any Mobile Device (Windows Mobile, Android or iOS) to create the 2’nd factor for  BeyondTrust PAM Access Console or Web Access Console logins with an authenticator App. The video was created by MICRODYN Switzerland.

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