How to debug BeyontTrust Remote Support or Privileged Remote Access Components using a blog.ini file


Many BeyondTrust Components like the Access & Rep-Console or the Jump Client & Customer Client installed on the endpoint can create a LOG-File for more in-deep investigations in connection with the use of BOMGAR Components and dependent systems.If you want enable the creation of a Log-File for BeyondTrust Endpoint Components or Representative Site Software Components you can do that following this steps:1. open Notepad2. copy the following text into your notepad:

3. Save the new File as “blog.ini” on the desktop of the system where you want to turn logging on.

4. Make sure you have a folder “c:\temp” cause this is the folder where the log-file will be written into.

5. Start now an access console or a rep console and then a bomgar session to an endpoint and reproduce your problems.

6. After closing the session and the console – you should find the log-file in the c:\temp folder.

7. Don’t forget to turn either logging off or to delete the blog.ini file from the desktop after your investigations are done.

These log files are usually sent to the BOMGAR support along with a customer bug report.


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