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How to disable clipboard redirection for local or remote BOMGAR RDP Sessions

Configure a Windows Policy setting to disable clipboard redirection

Probably your Bomgar Use Case makes it neccessary to disable clipboard redirection in RDP sessions initiated from Bomgar Access Console or from Bomgar Rep Console. From my experience - at this time you will not find a setting in any RS or PAM configurations to disable this function specific only for RDP Sessions. But ther's a "workaround" so it's possible to configure this use case with a little extra work by using the Windows Policy..

Use the following AD Group Policy Path in gpmc.msc on your DC or gpedit.msc direct on your endpoint. Do a User Configuration (if your admin for example needs a different setting on that endpoint) or a Computer Configuration (to force same setting for all Users on that endpoint) :

  >Administrative Templates
    >Windows Components
      >Remote Destop Services
        >Remote Desktop Session Host
          >Device and Resource Redirection
            >Do not allow Clipboard redirection  =  activated

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Author: MICRODYN - R. Hahn / 05.09.2018

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