Cipher Suites configuration in BOMGAR Appliance to get A+ rating

So - you like to get an A+ rating from SSLLABS? That's the way you can configure BOMGAR.

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In the following article you find some settings regarding the use of "cipher suites" and "cipher suite order" in BOMGAR Remote Support and BOMGAR PAM /appliance SSL Tab resulting that work from our own experience. Work trought our article and you get not less than an "A+" rating in your next SSLLABS Report.

Use any Mobile Device to generate 2nd Factor for BOMGAR Console Login

Windows Mobile, Android and iOS APPS can create 2nd Factor for Bomgar login cause it works with any Authenticator App.

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BOMGAR Privileged Access and Remote Support 17.x or higher allows you to use a second Factor to login into Console without the need for any additional Product like a Radius Server. This, cause Bomgar works by default with any authenticator App like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator...


BOMGAR RADIUS Security Provider support's now Framed-IP-Address and Calling-Station-ID

Is it possible to configure BOMGAR RADIUS security Provider for 2-factor authentication for over-the-Internet users and 1-factor for local LAN users?

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The RADIUS request object includes an attribute (31) from the requester which includes their calling-station-ID which is the IP address – both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.  The IP address is then passed through by the Remote Support appliance to the RADIUS security provider which determines the action.  The image below is a snapshot from the Bomgar Verify administration console, notice the arrow indicates trusted networks.  Our understanding is that other RADIUS servers support the same form of MFA determination. ...


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